Long Live Tofino™

APS Networks Doubles Down with P4-programmable Switching.

As some of you may have noticed, the Barefoot Networks website now redirects you to the Intel® Programmable Ethernet Switch products page. This is the final step of integrating the Barefoot product portfolio under the Intel umbrella. It means the Barefoot brand, the one that introduced P4-programmable switching to the world, has a new pair of (Intel) shoes. We will miss that cheeky five-toed logo, but the end, as they say, is just the beginning... 

First, in the immortal words of Douglas Adams, “don't panic!” the range of Tofino™ products is here to stay and is going from strength to strength. It seems like Intel is putting significant commitment behind the Tofino™ switch platform. For example, the release of the Tofino™ 2 platform offers significant performance gains, and the original Tofino™ platform still has a long life ahead.

More than this, we wanted to clarify what the rebranding means, in practical terms, for our customers: 

The P4 language: P4 is an open source initiative and will continue to thrive as a project of Open Networking Foundation (ONF). For more details on the P4 language, please visit p4.org.

Intel® Connectivity Education Hub:The new central hub is a one-stop site that encompasses all information pertaining to events, courses, and online videos required to get up to speed with P4 and the Tofino™ product range. The individual components of this hub are outlined below:

  • Intel® Connectivity Academy: Barefoot Academy is now the Intel® Connectivity Academy and will still offer a catalog of advanced online video classes with all the course materials required to get up to speed with P4 programming, Intel® P4 Studio and the Intel® Tofino™ series.
  • Intel® Connectivity Advanced Online Videos: BEACON is now the Intel® Connectivity Advanced Online Videos and will maintain the repository of advanced online videos that broaden the learning experience of Intel® Tofino™ and Intel® P4 Studio.
  • Intel® Connectivity Research Program: The FASTER program is now the Intel® Connectivity Research Program and continues to provide the ability to connect with other researchers and end users in a global forum environment to collaborate and share ideas on P4 technology.

The start-up Barefoot Networks is no more, but is now a business unit in the Data Platforms Group within Intel and the range of P4-programmable Tofino™ switches is very much here to stay.

We'd love to hear from you if you've got any questions or queries around the branding transition, or if you just want to reminisce about Barefoot. You can reach us at enquiries(at)aps-networks.com

Sarah Wagner


  • Smart Cities: A Deeply Connected Network Fabric

    A Smart City is a city that is deeply connected by network devices throughout its fabric. This is a city that has the potential to reconfigure itself to suit changing needs. Our range of switches answer these needs. We use the P4 network programming language in our devices to allow network operators to develop intelligent network topologies.
    Andrew Heal
  • APS Networks Chosen as Solution Partner in the Intel Network Builders Winners‘ Circle Program

    The Intel Winners Circle for 2021 has been announced, and we are thrilled to be recognized within the Solution Partners in the Intel Network Builders category. Our Dedicated P4 switching platform was recognized for rapid market adoption and pioneering industry co-development projects.
    Alexander Jeffries
  • ONF and P4 - A (packet) match made in heaven

    P4, the open source programming language (which sits at the heart of APS technology) has found itself a new home within the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). We all know, any choice of home is about ‘location, location, location’ - and we think the ONF offers the most exciting new neighbourhood for this project.
    Sarah Wagner
  • Why it's Time for Accuracy at the Heart of the Network

    Time has always been at the core of our devices. Our current range of switches have a time accuracy of four nanoseconds; that's only slightly longer than it takes light to travel a meter. But we feel light is tardy and takes _far_ too long to get places. Our next generation switches will enable astonishing levels of time accuracy, enabling a whole new generation of time-sensitive applications.
    Andy Heal
  • Virtual EuroP4 Workshop and CoNEXT 2020

    The P4 programming language is the most significant step change for the Networking industry in decades. APS Networks is proud and excited to be sponsoring the upcoming virtual 3rd P4 Workshop in Europe (EuroP4). EuroP4 Workshop, which will be hosted online on the 1st of December as part of the CoNEXT 2020 virtual event.
    Sarah Wagner
  • Long Live Tofino™

    The start-up Barefoot Networks is no more, but is now a business unit in the Data Platforms Group within Intel and the range of P4-programmable Tofino™ switches is very much here to stay.
    Sarah Wagner
  • Why Program a Switch?

    With the emerging generation of programmable switches you maintain the normal switching protocols; we are not reinventing the wheel here. But you can overlay your own network logic to be executed simultaneously, at blistering wirespeed throughput.
    Andy Heal
  • > print (“hello networking world”)

    APS Networks is about using our blend of development skills in hardware, firmware/embedded, OS and application software, to help blow the world of closed networking wide open.
    Alexander Jeffries