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Introducing programmability into a new area of IT infrastructure

Above all else, APS Networks is about a diverse and incredibly talented team of people. Our combined backgrounds stretch across hardware design, development and distribution; through managing and maintaining some of the world’s largest open source software projects; to research and development within telecommunications, broadcast, security and finance. And this powerful meeting of minds is built around one, single, simple vision: putting openness, choice and end-user control at the heart of the network.

We are at the start of the journey, but across a range of sectors where connectivity holds strategic importance, black box networking is on its way out! 

This is about more than just network disaggregation within switches, and software defined networking (SDN). Look below the switches, and datacenter racks in many industries are filled with closed proprietary boxes performing specialized networking functions. This world is already starting to collide with the forces of open, programmable hardware, open source software and collaboration.

Setting aside the six, sometimes seven, figure price tags and unnecessary power consumption, the current generation of black-box racks leave users locked-in to tardy vendor roadmaps and locked-out of much of the open innovation that is now driving progress in the networking space. 

So that’s what we are about. APS Networks is about using our blend of development skills in hardware, firmware/embedded, OS and application software, to help blow the world of closed networking wide open. Then, we are taking the pieces and putting them back together more securely, more efficiently and, most importantly, doing this as an open, collaborative community together with our customers.

We realize this is a somewhat vague and visionary ‘hello world’, so we will be following up on this post over the next few days, with a series of more in-depth analyses looking at key areas of our networking vision, including: hardware, open source and programmability. We will also be giving readers an intro to some of the exciting technology APS has already acquired.

Stick with us on the blog, follow us on social media and there will be a slew of announcements over the next few months. Check out our products page and feel free to reach out to us through our channels.

(Photo by Ma Joseph on Unsplash)

Alexander Jeffries


  • Smart Cities: A Deeply Connected Network Fabric

    A Smart City is a city that is deeply connected by network devices throughout its fabric. This is a city that has the potential to reconfigure itself to suit changing needs. Our range of switches answer these needs. We use the P4 network programming language in our devices to allow network operators to develop intelligent network topologies.
    Andrew Heal
  • APS Networks Chosen as Solution Partner in the Intel Network Builders Winners‘ Circle Program

    The Intel Winners Circle for 2021 has been announced, and we are thrilled to be recognized within the Solution Partners in the Intel Network Builders category. Our Dedicated P4 switching platform was recognized for rapid market adoption and pioneering industry co-development projects.
    Alexander Jeffries
  • ONF and P4 - A (packet) match made in heaven

    P4, the open source programming language (which sits at the heart of APS technology) has found itself a new home within the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). We all know, any choice of home is about ‘location, location, location’ - and we think the ONF offers the most exciting new neighbourhood for this project.
    Sarah Wagner
  • Why it's Time for Accuracy at the Heart of the Network

    Time has always been at the core of our devices. Our current range of switches have a time accuracy of four nanoseconds; that's only slightly longer than it takes light to travel a meter. But we feel light is tardy and takes _far_ too long to get places. Our next generation switches will enable astonishing levels of time accuracy, enabling a whole new generation of time-sensitive applications.
    Andy Heal
  • Virtual EuroP4 Workshop and CoNEXT 2020

    The P4 programming language is the most significant step change for the Networking industry in decades. APS Networks is proud and excited to be sponsoring the upcoming virtual 3rd P4 Workshop in Europe (EuroP4). EuroP4 Workshop, which will be hosted online on the 1st of December as part of the CoNEXT 2020 virtual event.
    Sarah Wagner
  • Long Live Tofino™

    The start-up Barefoot Networks is no more, but is now a business unit in the Data Platforms Group within Intel and the range of P4-programmable Tofino™ switches is very much here to stay.
    Sarah Wagner
  • Why Program a Switch?

    With the emerging generation of programmable switches you maintain the normal switching protocols; we are not reinventing the wheel here. But you can overlay your own network logic to be executed simultaneously, at blistering wirespeed throughput.
    Andy Heal
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    APS Networks is about using our blend of development skills in hardware, firmware/embedded, OS and application software, to help blow the world of closed networking wide open.
    Alexander Jeffries