Advanced Programmable Switch

APS Networks BF2556X-1T

The APS Networks BF2556X-1T delivers bleeding-edge programmable networking in a practical form factor for smaller network edge and vertical industry applications. Our 1RU 25Gb switch offers the full benefits of the powerful APS hardware platform with support for a unique breadth of speeds across 1/2.5/5/10/25/40/50/100Gb

Data-Plane Programmability with P4 on the 2.0 Tbps Intel® Tofino™ ASIC

Capture carrier-grade and hyperscale network innovation in a smaller, more flexible device. Switch and prioritize network traffic based on industry/application-specific protocols and custom packet metadata. Create bespoke wire-speed switching functionality, implement load-balancing, in-band telemetry and realize the vision of NFV.

Built for Flexibility

The  BF2556X-1T is the only Tofino-based switch to offer support for port speeds from 1-100Gb.

  • 48x25Gb + 8x100Gb in 1RU Chassis
  • Port 1 - Port  16: Supports 1/2.5/5/10/25Gb
  • Port 17 - Port 48:  Supports 10/25Gb

Premium Hardware Components

Built-in redundancy and industry-leading hardware power for running custom software and northbound SDN controller interfaces (P4 runtime, gNMI | gNOI and legacy control-plane protocols): Xeon 8-core CPU, 128GB SSD  and 32GB RAM, redundant power supplies, hot-swappable fans.

IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol

Unique to the APS range, with resolution of 4ns and frequency lock by OCXO. Timestamping is a vital enabler for real-world Intel® Tofino™ use cases across industries.

SDN Compatibility and Control

Multiple dedicated port options for switch management enable failover connection to SDN controllers and logical separation of the switch between different controllers: Out-of-band Ethernet, Console Port (RS232), two dedicated SFP cages

Switch Abstraction Layer (SAL)

Unified management layer enables custom applications and functions to acton individual switch components:

  • allows configuration and management of the time synchronization function (PTP)
  • provides a gRPC interface
  • C++ API for application development

Integrated ONIE Bootloader

Dynamic updating and hardware repurposing with a wide choice of operating systems.


  • SDN
  • NFV
  • Load Balancing
  • Datacenter Optimization
  • Application Performance
  • Security
  • Precise Time Stamping
  • In-Band Network
  • Telemetry  Network Analytics
  • Observability
  • Reliability
  • Troubleshooting

Media & Broadcast

  • IP Studio
  • SDI/Ethernet
  • Live Broadcast (Seamless Video Stream Switching)
  • CDN Development
  • Video Encoding and Decoding


  • BNG Development
  • 5G Integration
  • Mobile Network Cell Handover
  • Intelligent Edge
  • NGI