Advanced Programmable Switch

APS Networks BF6064X-T

The APS Networks BF6064X-T is the ultimate platform for intelligent network programming, SDN and NFV development.
Capture the full benefits of the Intel® Tofino™ chipset

Data-Plane Programmability with P4 on the 6.4 Tbps Intel® Tofino™ ASIC

Switch and prioritize network traffic based on industry/application-specific protocols and custom packet metadata. Create bespoke wire-speed switching functionality, implement load-balancing and realize NFV.

Powerful Carrier-Grade Hardware

Effortlessly run northbound SDN controller interfaces (P4 runtime, gNMI | gNOI and legacy control-plane protocols). Install custom software and applications on the switch:

  • Xeon 8-core CPU
  • 128GB SSD and 32GB RAM
  • redundant and hot-swappable power supplies and fans

Built for SDN control

Multiple dedicated port options for switch management enable fail over connection to SDN controllers and logical separation oft he switch between different controllers:

  • Out-of-band Ethernet
  • Console Port (RS232)
  • two dedicated 1Gb RJ45 ports

Supported speeds 10Gb to 100Gb

64x40/50/100Gb in 2RU Chassis 256x10/25Gb or 128x50Gb (via breakout).

IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol

Unique to the APS range, with resolution of 4ns and frequency lock by OCXO. Timestamping is a vital enabler for real-world use cases across industries.

Switch Abstraction Layer (SAL)

Unified management layer enables custom applications and functions to acton individual switch components:

  • allows configuration and management of the time synchronization function (PTP)
  • provides a gRPC interface
  • C++ API for application development

Integrated ONIE Bootloader

Dynamic updating and hardware repurposing with a wide choice of operating systems.


  • SDN
  • NFV
  • Load Balancing
  • Datacenter Optimization
  • Application Performance
  • Security
  • Precise TimeStamping
  • In-Band Network
  • Telemetry Network Analytics
  • Observability Reliability

Media & Broadcast

  • IP Studio
  • SDI/Ethernet
  • Live Broadcast (Seamless Video Stream Switching)
  • CDN Development
  • Video Encoding and Decoding


  • BNG Development
  • 5G Integration
  • Mobile Network Cell Handover
  • Intelligent Edge
  • NGI