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mion – a Network Grade Linux Project

Introduction to mion

The Mini Infrastructure Operating System for Networks (short: mion, which is the Irish word for ‚mini‘) is the first subproject of Network Grade Linux, and umbrella project under the Linux Foundation. NGL provides a common base and ecosystem as an upstream to full featured network operationg systems, targeting SDN switches.


mion acts as a base OS for the networking industry which is easily extensible. It enables support of a number of networking specific developments environments, custom applications, and SDN software stacks. It was built using the Yocto Project, a de-facto industry standard build system that leverages wide pool of developers, large codebase and regular updates.


The Yocto Project is an open source collaboration project that allows to create custom Linux-based systems regardless of the hardware architecture.

mion is a collaborative project of the open source community, which provides frequent updates every three months.

The main features of mion

Switch-specific components:

  • ONIE support
  • Barefoot SDE (Tofino ASICs) – Broadcom is in the development phase
  • ONLPv1, ONLPv2
  • Container runtime – containerd
  • Dent, Stratum
  • Docs and wiki
  • CI build on GitHub for all platforms on code merge
  • QA / testing / validation – as part of the release process

Get involved!

mion is an open source project – its success depends on support and contributions from the community via Slack, GitHub and public docs. If you are interested and would like to be a part of the community, you are welcome to reach out to Trishan de Lanerolle ( or visit the official website of Network Grade Linux for more information.

Network Grade Linux

Watch a recorded webinar about mion and Network Grade Linux