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Company Profile

Delivering truly programmable network devices and supported open source-based secure networking solutions

APS Networks® is an innovative design and development company that specializes in programmable network devices and open source-based networking software. We aim to be a positive disruptor across the networking industry, not only designing open hardware but developing secure systems across various markets. The company is committed to developing supported and trusted hardware and software products which have been inspired by and are based on open-source community frameworks and projects but enabling these as commercial, secure and fully supported solutions.

APS Networks® serves the telecommunications, broadcasting, security, academic and other market verticals, where programmable network devices offer key strategic value and allow for features which typically could not be addressed by traditional fixed function network devices.

Intel® is a strategic partner to APS Networks® and provider of innovative technology used in our APS® network devices.

APS Networks® is a member of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), the Open Compute Project (OCP), the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), the Broadband Forum (BBF) and the P4 Language Consortium.

APS Networks® was one of only two start-up companies to become an Intel® Network Builders Winners’ Circle Solution Partner in 2020-2021 and a Gold Level Member in 2021-2022.

‘Security by design’

Meanwhile the company is working on several new switch designs and working closely with the open community to provide secure and open source-based solutions to the worldwide market. The future products are all being designed in Europe. A secure supply chain and enhanced security features are key to providing secure networking solutions which are deployed as part of a country’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).


The network is the new field of play for computing innovation, and APS Networks® delivers everything needed to turn open, programmable networking into a major source of business advantage. At the core of our development activities within telecommunications sector, from broadband, 5G and hybrid disaggregated networking to media and broadcast, security and defense solutions, we are designing new products from the core to the edge. We are working on many new product designs to supply for these industries which are flexible and adaptable to future network requirements. We provide the customer with a choice of open hardware in conjunction with best-of-breed secure and supported open source software.

Community Contributions

We are working closely with many open community foundations on a range of open source-based software and hardware projects, making sure these are well supported projects with a wide contributor base, long term support, good documentation & CI/CD measures, and an active thriving community. We aim at contributing to these projects actively and to provide enterprise grade 24/7 support for these projects so customers can deploy open innovation in their highly demanding networking infrastructure.

Our Vision

We revolutionize the network as the trusted partner for programmable devices.

Our Mission

We strive to accelerate the advancement of open, secure, innovative and sustainable network solutions. For this purpose, we design, create and develop versatile programmable network devices and contribute to open community projects.