More Ports - More Power

General Product Description

The APS Networks APS2156D switch is a TOR switch for enterprise networks or security solutions using the P4 programming language. The unit enables enterprise Layer 2/3 switching across the 48x SFP28 ports and the 8x QSFP28 at line rate and supports 10/25/40/50 and 100Gb/s data rates.

Combined with internal CPU Ethernet connectivity, a 4-core CPU processor, and the option of PTP, the APS2156D is ideal for developing P4-enabled solutions while providing secure connectivity to servers and uplink networks.

Designed on Open Frameworks

APS Networks APS2156D is The designed around open framework principles. The BMC is designed using RunBMC Framework from Open Compute Project (OCP) running OpenBMC software, whilst the APS Board Support Package enables the development of P4 applications using the Intel P4 Studio SDE.

Switch Options

Feature APS2156D
1RU Full Width
48x 10/25G SFP28 + 8x 100G QSFP28
Xeon D-1713NT or Xeon D-1736NT
Power Supply
AC or DC



Target Industries

  • Media & Broadcast
  • Cyber Security
  • Enterprise

Use Cases

  • Enterprise Networking Layer 2/3 P4 programmable network switch.
  • Security applications: Network Packet Broker / Layer 4 Load Balancer / P4 Firewall.
  • Media & Broadcast seamless switching edge.

Time Synchronization Solution

Precision timing is increasingly important for high performance, low latency networks and applications requiring nanosecond timing accuracy.

The APS Networks® Synchronization Timing Solution has been designed to deliver the highest level of timing accuracy and provide precise time distribution over an Ethernet or IP network using our range of programmable switch products.

The 1-Step hardware solution provides profiles for standard PTP IEEE1588, Telecoms, Broadcast, OCP Datacenter and O-RAN requirements.

The combination of the Time Synchronization Solution with our programmable switch products enables Boundary and Transparent clock solutions where precision time is required which can be enhanced using the SyncE functionality if available on the network.

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