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Advanced Programmable Switch


APS Networks®



Product Description

The APS Networks® APS2156D switch is a TOR switch for enterprise networks or security solutions using the P4 programming language. The APS2156D enables enterprise
L2/L3 switching across the 48x SFP28 ports and the 8x QSFP28 at line rate and supports 10/25/40/50 and 100Gb/s data rates. Combined with internal CPU Ethernet connectivity, a range of CPU processors and optional PTP, the APS2156D is ideal for the development of P4 enabled solutions at an affordable price while providing excellent connectivity to servers and uplink networks.


Target industries: Broadcast & Media, Security, Enterprise


Use Cases

  • Enterprise Networking: Layer 2/3 P4 programmable network switch
  • Security applications: Network Packet Broker / Layer 4 Load Balancer / P4 Firewall
  • Media & Broadcast: Seamless switching edge

Main Features

  • Intel® Tofino™ 1 – 2.0Tb/s network ASIC
  • Intel® ATOM or Xeon D-1700 CPU Processor
  • 48 Ports 10/25Gb/s+8 Ports 100Gb/s
  • OpenBMC Management


  • Fully programmable P4 architecture
  • Dual pipeline 2.0Tbs throughput
  • PTP Time Synchronisation (optional)
  • Supports 10/25/40/50/100Gb/s
    data rates
  • Internal CPU to network ASIC