Why APS Networks?
We deliver!

Security by Design

Our switches are designed based on the security by design principles. We have full control of our hardware supply chains and have Software Bill of Materials (SBoMs) in place for all software used. Further security features all for use of our products in Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).

Made in Europe

The switches are produced in Europe, as the final manufacturing will be done in Belgium, and most of the components are provided by European suppliers. The printed circuit boards (PCBs) come from Austria and most of the design is done in The Netherlands. The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on the compute boards will be provided by European manufacturer Infineon. The software for the devices is developed partially in Germany and The Netherlands. The ASICs are provided by American suppliers, including our solution partner Intel. We are committed to corporate social responsibility in regards to sustainability and a secure supply chain for all of our components. Our products apply to economic and ecological standards to enable power-efficient operation and maintain a high level of quality. We do our best to be informed about the conditions of the manufacturing process of our products, and expect our suppliers and business partners to make the same commitment to respect human rights.

Precision Time Protocol (PTP - IEEE 1588v2)

Our advanced programmable switches are the first to deploy the Tofino chipset with a time synchronization function, which is an essential capacity in the field of telecommunications as well as in media and entertainment. The APS Networks hardware 1-step synchronization solution enables PTP and SyncE functionality to provide highly accurate timing across the network infrastructure. The APS Networks Time Synchronization solution is easy to configure and use with the standard telecom, broadcast and default PTP profiles. Our 1-step hardware design ensures that PTP processing does not impact our network switch performance.

Programmability with P4

The innovative technology of the Intel Tofino chipset offers unlimited open networking possibilities through the P4 programming language, featuring in-band telemetry and mega scale data center switching. P4 is easy to access, it enables hardware offloading of protocols, arbitrary tagging of packets, and controlling behavior based on individual data pattern matches. Hyperscalers benefit from layer 4 load-balancing and a network packet broker. The flexible but highly specific packet processing pipeline allows to create own protocols and add individual packet metadata. Integrated on-the-fly encapsulation and decapsulation is efficiently used in the field of telecommunication. The switch has a non-blocking switching capacity of 2.0 Tb/s and are capable of complex protocol processing at wire speed.


All our new models have various factory options: we can include a daughter board, supporting a full range of Precision Timing Protocol (PTP) profiles. You have the choice of the required power supply unit (PSU) - we can integrated AC or DC power supplies with front to back (port to power) and back to front (power to port) airflow. The PSUs are of Titanium-grade, to provide the highest possible power efficiency levels. You can choose from several different CPU board models, according to use case-specific requirements.


The switches are equipped with low power consumption CPUs and energy-efficient PSUs and Fans. The intelligent automatic control system recognizes and manages the operating mode to reduce the power consumption to an optimized minimum, in particular when not in use.