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Forethought, not Afterthought to pass Certifications

Electronic products and systems are required to meet electrical, safety and additional norms and all relevant industry specific certifications. Normally companies design products and then submit them to accredited test labs to put the product through a sequence of measurements to certify the product.

Electronic hardware designers that have marshalled a product through this process, know that when it comes to high-speed, high performance applications, the slightest design flaw can lead to a failure, especially in terms of emitted electromagnetic RF signals (EMI) or the susceptibility to electro-static
discharge (ESD).

Creating designs that will pass certifications is not straightforward.

Failures to meet standards can be caused by the routing of tracks in the PCB, the actual material used in the PCB, methods of grounding and decoupling used, the application of RF shielding and physical circuit separations and even the choice of components, the application of coils, and the avoidance of unintended antennas.

APS Networks and its design partners have invested in simulation tools to augment our capabilities and our engineers have a high level of expertise in designing products that not only meet but exceed requirements in these areas and most importantly we have a track record of largely passing the first time. That saves time, avoids rework and ultimately cuts costs.