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Thermal Management

Thermal Management is essential for network equipment

The applications for electronic devices and systems widely vary. Data centers are tightly packed with thousands of compute and communications devices and ensuring heat does not adversely affect or permanently damage such elements is vital. In other application domains, custom designed circuit cards may be embedded inside machines to offer control or to support communications. The working environment may be at elevated temperatures.

High-speed, high performance electronics generates heat and more specifically certain switch ASICs, CPUs or gearbox ICs may require heat mitigation. In other cases, especially in the synchronization circuitry involved in 1588/PTP, electronics must be kept at a stable temperature for accurate operation.

APS Networks and its design partners have the experience, knowledge and the tools required to design solutions that manage thermal aspects correctly. Of course applying brute force solutions, for example making overly large circuit boards, using spacious mechanical housings, adding massive cooling fans for maximum airflow, having bulky and expensive heat sinks or even the use of liquid cooled devices is easy, but is all this needed?

Our products are designed with the knowledge and proven experience to make the right design decisions up front.
Optimization in this area balances thermal management versus the size of the solution, cost of the solution and eventually the reliability and performance.