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Having the right partner, makes the difference!

Strategic Partners

We at APS Networks know that collaboration is key to advancement and progress in emerging markets. We strive to build up a global network of notable, high-level industry partners, open source organizations and solution partners to accelerate innovation of future open technology and bring together the highest expertise in the open networking field.

AimValley is a world-class engineering and innovation center that provides expert-level engineering design services that help companies to get a grip on their networking technologies by state-of-the-art technological solutions.  The services include:

  • Carrier-Grade Ethernet/High-speed Ethernet
  • High-speed packet processing
  • Software for network element management
  • High-end FPGA development
  • Accelerated Edge Computing
  • Turn-key product development
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Since their start in 2003, they have developed a comprehensive array of design and consultancy services, focusing on telecom and data networking technologies.

AimValley’s core team in The Netherlands has worked with companies all over the world.

For APS Networks Intel is a strategic partner, supplying all the major components for our innovative, open  and secure APS network devices. The range includes:

  • Tofino and Tofino 2 P4-programmable Ethernet switch ASICs
  • Stratix series
  • Arria series
  • MAX series FPGAs
  • 3rd Generation Xeon Scalable Ice Lake D processors
  • Ethernet Controllers
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Intel offers truly alternative network devices to our customers seeking to have at least dual sourcing options right to the ASIC level on core and edge network devices. Due to our close collaboration with Intel, APS Networks was elected as one of the only two start-up companies to become a Solution Partner in 2020-2021, and recently Gold Level Member in the Intel Network Builders Winners’ Circle 2021-2022.