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P4 Research Bundle

Platform: Intel® Tofino™ P4-Programmable Ethernet Switches

The Intel® Tofino™ technology empowers acceleration, optimization, and enables customized, ultrafast, high-performance network infrastructures, e.g. P4-programmble Intel® Tofino™ 2, 32x100G.

Development: Intel® Connectivity Research Program (ICRP)

Apply for the Intel® Connectivity Research Program to access Intel® Tofino™ series platforms and software to interact with other members, sharing knowledge, experiences and develoment.



Programmability: Learn P4 programming

There are multiple ways to get started with P4, regardless of your level of expertise. The P4 Language Consortium and the P4 Education Working Groups provide comprehensive Information. The Intel® Connectivity Academy frequently offers P4 Training Courses which are currently held online and include Tofino-specific Information.




You can contact our APS Networks P4 specialists directly at to get help in regards to the BSP, development and SDE.

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