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04/19/2022 - 05/27/2022

P4 Online Classes in April and May 2022


The schedule for upcoming ICA Level-1 classes taking place between April 19th and May 27th, 2022 is available! The classes organized by the Barefoot Division (BXD) of Intel® include Introduction to P416 and Intel® P4 Studio SDE Development Workflow, Debugging and Optimization of P4 programs, Layer 3 Processing (Counters, Meters and Registers), Multicast, LAG and ECMP, and Simple L2 Data Plane Project.

The classes will be held online and are divided into morning and evening sessions. Early bird pricing will be valid till March 26th (AM sessions) or March 19th (PM sessions). Members of the Intel® Connectivity Research Program are eligible for academic discounts and the relevant calendars will be published in the ICRP Forum.

Morning Sessions (7:00 AM – 10:00 AM PST)

Dates Location Course Register
04/26/22 Online ICA-1111 Link
04/28/22 Online ICA-1131 Link
05/02/22 Online ICA-1141 Link
05/04/22 Online ICA-1112 Link
05/06/22 Online ICA-1113 Link
05/17/22 Online ICA-1121 Link
05/19/22 Online ICA-1132 Link
05/23/22 Online ICA-1122 Link
05/25/22 Online ICA-1123 Link
05/27/22 Online ICA-1142 Link


Evening Sessions (5:00 PM – 8:00 PM PST)

Dates Location Course Register
04/19/22 Online ICA-1111 Link
04/21/22 Online ICA-1131 Link
04/25/22 Online ICA-1141 Link
04/27/22 Online ICA-1112 Link
04/29/22 Online ICA-1113 Link
05/10/22 Online ICA-1121 Link
05/12/22 Online ICA-1132 Link
05/16/22 Online ICA-1122 Link
05/18/22 Online ICA-1123 Link
05/20/22 Online ICA-1142 Link