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Our products are designed to be deployed in a wide range of use cases across various industries, including telecommunication, academia and research, security, broadcast, and finance.

“Tracking Normalized Network Traffic Entropy
to Detect DDoS Attacks in P4”

Read this powerful paper on DDoS attack mitigation via P4-programmable data planes by Damu Ding (University of Oxford), Marco Savi (Universit degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca) and Domenico Siracusa (Fondazione Bruno Kessler).

CSIRO’s research paper on radio astronomy data streams

The paper describes a general design principle for beamforming and correlating radio astronomy data streams for later use in astronomy by using PTP-capable P4 switches and smartNICs/FPGAs. It introduces a P4 switch modus operandi tailored to radio astronomy and gives an overview of staged batch-to-completion correlation/beamforming primitives for data processing from hundreds of thousands of antennas. The paper is the result of a proof of concept for beamforming data and recovery of pulsar signals buried 10dB beneath noise, using emulated data from the Square Kilometre Array project.

Telecom Infra Project RFI Results

APS Networks® took part in the TIP’s RFI this year and the recent announcement on December 2nd covered the latest updates about OpenBNG and the Fixed Broadband Project Group, the newest project group in TIP.

If you have missed the virtual meeting, you can watch the recorded session on demand:

„A Core-Stateless L4S Scheduler for P4-enabled hardware switches with emulated HQoS“


The demo performed by members of the ELTE Eötvös Loránd University and Ericsson Research received the best demo award at IEEE INFOCOM in 2021.

The documentation was kindly made available to us to use it on our website as an example P4 use case.

RARE (Router for Academia, Research & Education)

GÉANT‘s RARE R&E project revolves around a feature rich routing platform with a programmable dataplane, that enables a network base for global academic research projects. The project is based on P4 programmable open source platforms and includes our Advanced Programmable Switches.

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